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The Game Explains On Ebro Darden Why He Thinks Meek Mill A Rat
The Game and Meek Mill are amidst a severe hamburger that started when Game blamed Meek for blaming Game’s company for attacking and taking Sean Kingston’s $300,000 chain at a Los Angeles dance club. While Meek has intensely denied Game’s claims, Game went on Ebro’s Beats 1 radio show to clarify why he considers Meek to be a rodent, and why he just dropped a second “Meeky Mouse” diss.
The Game recounted Ebro the tale of that portentous night toward the start of summer, when him, Meek, and Kingston all went to the same club in Los Angeles. It was Meek Mill’s first trek toward the West Coast taking after his spell under house capture. The Game sent Meek a jug of Rosé and instructed him to be protected amidst a late rush of thefts in Los Angeles. “I didn’t do likewise [to Sean Kingston] in light of the fact that he’s a R&B vocalist and I didn’t think I expected to,” he said.
After Kingston got victimized, Game left. Kingston called Game’s telephone and let him know that Meek said Game had set Kingston up.
Diversion called Meek. As indicated by Game, Meek let him know, “Nah, I didn’t tell that fat mother lover nothing, I’mma call him on three-way!”
In the following three-way telephone call, Sean Kingston rehashed that Meek had said that Game had set him up.
“What’s more, by the day’s end, the things that Sean Kingston educated me concerning me about what Meek let him know is a piece of the discussion I simply had with Meek when I gave him the container, so I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that that is the thing that he said,” Game said. “So when I say ‘the rodent’ or ‘the squealing,’ it ain’t that he went and told the feds I had blocks in the storage compartment and I’m confronting 25-to-life, it resembles, I gave you some intel about what was going ahead in LA at the time. You took that and curved it and told Sean Kingston that Game had something to do with you being victimized.”
Ebro inquired as to whether it is conceivable that Sean Kingston misconstrued Meek Mill, Game reacted, “Anything is conceivable.”   SOURCE



Updated: October 6, 2016 — 12:05 am

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