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MICHAEL COLLINS AJEREH , known as Don Jazzy, is a Nigerian record producer, singer,songwriter and musician. He has been the chief executive officer of Mo’ Hits Records and is the current chief executive officer of Mavin Records, he was born November 26, 1982 (age 33), Umuahia, Nigeria.
Don jazzy is probably the greatest producer to ever come out of Nigeria Music scene from 2002 when he appeared  till date and he’s not looking like he’s fading soon. If you are talking about the biggest artiste, Celebrity or entertainer, Don jazzy makes every Top list,  you need to understand why other people in other industry  that has nothing to do with entertainment respect Don jazzy so much. Don jazzy  is the biggest producer among all producers in Nigeria because he understood his artistry, he understood his production level, he understood everything that has to do with music. While other producers come, spend some time and go, Don jazzy has clearly identified where he can remain relevant and how he can remain relevant. Half of the total sum of producers in Nigeria last for maximum of 4 years, go in when they realise they can’t produce anymore hit. Don jazzy has been relevant for 12 years and still adding to it.
People often say Don jazzy isn’t really versatile in beat making, saying he sticks to a particular sound but I think that’s Don jazzy’s success formula “Stick to one sound and break the market with it”
Since 2004 when Don jazzy came in with Dbanj, the records they made then starting from ‘Tongolo’ ‘Why me’ ,the entertainer albums,  mohit albums, Don jazzy remained in one position and that’s being the mysterious producer, the guy who didn’t really talk, did so many good beats and was in the hooks, Chorus and the rest,  that’s was he’s first success formula.
When Don jazzy and Dbanj broke up in 2011, Don jazzy took on another formula, two different formulas in two different situations. Don jazzy understands how to tap into Nigerian music scene, Nigerian entertainment scene and break through. Since the unset of his career, Don jazzy has always moved with a team from Mohits to Mavin and wherever place he might want to go tomorrow I believe he’s definitely going to move with a team. Don jazzy is one of the few producers that has signed producers to his team. He understands  he can’t do all the homework in Mavin Records alone so he brought baby fresh, ultims and together they handled production in mavin records.
On social media, Don jazzy is probably the most influential person. Don jazzy was the first person to give out scratch cards/airtime to people on social medias before a lot of people joined the bandwagon.
Don jazzy doesn’t have a single track to himself, he has always been in feature bit yet,  he’s still the most successful music producer in Nigeria.
In a space of one year, Don jazzy was able to blow up the mavin 2.0, Reekado Banks, Korede Bello and Dija and right now they have endorsement deals.Don Jazzy has invested in people all these years and also invested in resources. Don jazzy is so successful that we now argue the saying “Behind every successful man is a woman” Don jazzy doesn’t have have a girlfriend, engaged or married and this the kind of man every woman is looking out for, congrats to any lady he finally settled down with. Facts Only



Updated: October 7, 2016 — 12:24 am

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