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Virtually all the top celebrities, Artistes, Comedians, Actors / actresses, Producers in Nigeria are based in Lagos state and more emerging ones are moving over too,  this has got so many people wondering why this much immigration Into Lagos by artistes, is moving into Lagos a stepping stone for success?  Has it been ordained for any artiste there to make it big?  What’s  really In Lagos which couldn’t be found In other states?. 

I don’t think there would be anyone who wouldn’t want his or her hustle to pay, artistes be like,  since these people are making it real big in Lagos, let’s go there. The bigger acts ain’t there to just have the location tagged to their profile, They moved there for a purpose and that purpose has been made easy achieving. Many people opine artistes succeed and make it real big in Lagos because of the Alaba international market situated in it and artistes are moving to Lagos because of this market, I ain’t trying to quote them wrong totally but Alaba international market isn’t all that has contributed to the success of artistes in Nigeria or the core reason why artistes move to Lagos afterall it has been the center of piracy and I don’t think anyone would venture into Music business because of the pirate infested alaba market.

Lagos, apart from being the center of excellence as its slogan goes and having Alaba International market which is the biggest market in Nigeria and Africa as a whole, I’m going to give you reasons why artistes move to Lagos and I will break it down in points with proper explanation.

  1. The population of lagos
  2. The modern advancement of its people 
  3. The large existence of radios and Tv stations to air songs
  4. Centre of all commerical excellence and activities
  5. Headquartes of all companies dealing in goods and services to promote this artiste. 

1.The population of lagos: Lagos has the numbers. Lagos has a population estimated at 21 million in 2016, which makes it the largest city in Africa. The population of Lagos exceeds Libya, the whole of Saudi Arabia and some 50 other countries around the world. A song well promoted in Lagos will be heard by a lot of people and if the song is that good, it will be dispersed by a lot of people too. We can’t just do without the majority in achieving promotional success as it concerns music and Lagos has that population. An artiste starts recording promotional success when he’s track was able to reach a lot of people which he has made it for. There are so many artistes who are successful in Lagos alone and they already living large, driving big cars and flaunting luxuries. There are so many artistes Based in Lagos  who aren’t recognized in the Eastern part of Nigeria and there are some who are recognized but don’t have a strong fan base in east like the likes of Flavour, Psquare, Phyno etc but are still living comfortably. The population  of Lagos made it so. 

2. The modern advancement of its people:  All the big time Producers in Nigeria are in lagos, people who are specialist In music making are Lagos based, highly intelligent persons are in Lagos. The modern advancement of lagosians has contributed to the success of artistes in Nigeria and this has been one of the core reasons why artistes move to Lagos. The goal of every hustling artiste is to make a nice track, get high quality recording, mixing and mastering and the only place which has a lot of people who can do that is Lagos While there are just few or none in other states and that’s why till today other acts from other states either record their songs in their various states, send it to producers or mixers in Lagos for quality mixing and mastering or move to Lagos to run the whole track.

3.The large existence of Radios and Tv stations to air this songs: The number of radio and Tv stations in Lagos, Out numbers the number in other states, Radios and TV stations are the core hype and promotion instruments and there are a whole lot in Lagos. Below are the list of radio stations in Lagos State Nigeria. 

  1. Brila FM sport – FM 88.9 (MHz)
  2. Eko FM – FM 89.75 (MHz)
  3. Top RadioFM – FM 90.9 (MHz)
  4. Lagos Talk FM – FM 91.30 (MHz)
  5. W FM – FM 91.70 (MHz)
  6. Inspiration FM – FM 92.3 (MHz)
  7. BondFM – FM 92.9(MHz)
  8. Rhythm 93.7 FM – FM 93.7(MHz)
  9. RainbowFM – FM 94.1(MHz)
  10. WazobiaFM – FM 95.1(MHz)
  11. Cool FM Nigeria – FM 96.9 (MHz)
  12. Classic FM 97.3 – FM 97.3(MHz)
  13. MetroFM -FRCN – FM 97.7(MHz)
  14. Urban96 Radio Network – FM 96.5(MHz)
  15. Smooth FM 98.1 – FM 98.1 (MHz)
  16. SoundCity FM 98.5 – FM 98.5 (MHz)
  17. Nigeria Info – FM 99.3 (MHz)
  18. The BeatFM, Ikoyi – FM 99.9(MHz)
  19. Raypower 100.5 FM – FM 100.5(MHz)
  20. StarFM – FM 101.5(MHz)
  21. Radio Continental – FM 102.3(MHz)
  22. NaijaFM – FM 102.7(MHz)
  23. UnilagFM – FM 103.1(MHz)
  24. ChoiceFM – FM 103.5(MHz)
  25. City FM 105.1 – FM 105.1(MHz)
  26. FajiFM – FM 106.5(MHz)
  27. KissFM106.9 – FM 106.9(MHz)
  28. Radio Lagos – FM 107.5(MHz)

There are also over 100 + TV Stations in Lagos which the popular Soundcity Tv is in the list. These radio and Tv station get artistes heard and seen by a large number of people  in Nigeria, the promotion  is massive , Even the top music blogs in Nigeria has its headquarters in Lagos which TooxclusiveNotjustokNaijaLoaded is among them

4.Centre of all commercial excellence and activities: Lagos Is a Very big commercialized state and this is where the popular Alaba international market comes to play,  the market has made a lot of successful Nigerian artistes what they are today,  the likes of Duncan mighty etc are living witnesses. Young boys are driving hummers from album sales in Alaba lol, There are lots of shows,  concerts hosted in Lagos than other states, upcoming artistes have more chances of performing In shows unlike other states and performing in shows is very vital for any emerging super star because that’s where people get to see you and what u have got in other to determine where you would be in future. 

5.Headquartes of all companies dealing in goods and services to promote this art: Top Popular companies in Nigeria  has their headquarters situated in Lagos,  he’s likes of Dangote companies, Unilever, Globacom, nestle, Friesland company, firstbank, GTbank, emzor just to mention but a few. These companies has crawlers, who move around, go to shows to spy on talented individuals to establish, these companies endorse aritiestes who sign certain contacts With them which helps their career growth. 

Artistes who moved into Lagos, never came back,  this shows Lagos is really contributing to their career.

In summary, I think Lagos has got all it takes to make a talented artiste successful, if u can’t make it big In Lagos as an artiste, you can’t make it big elsewhere. 

Article written by Flexto



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