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My reason Why gospel artistes ain’t as successful as secular artistes 

In our nation today the place of music is inevitable in the lives of many people to some it is their hobby listening to music while some earn a living through it. But then what is the meaning of music? According to intensive research it is defined as a pattern of sounds made by people playing musical instruments or singing
When combined it means people singing literally meaning artistes thus artistes are people who sing. 

But in our nation today the secular artistes make more money than the gospel artistes. Most social gatherings the people mostly invited are the secular artistes. They come and perform and get paid for it whereas the gospel artistes ain’t invited or they might be invited but the people to be entertained will prefer secular musics to the gospel ones except people who have genuinely repented. 
Most times the secular artistes songs don’t really make meanings but the beats of the song is most times interesting. That is the reason people prefer it because they love fun and they take pleasure in it. But the gospel artistes their songs make meaning and helps build the soul spiritually but people tend yo to go for the secular songs for example Davido nd Don meon they both are artistes but people especially in Nigeria prefer Davido’s songs to Don meon because of the beats thus Making him earn more. 
Recently most gospel artists are into copyrights or remix or even singing with their beats. When they do that they simply send a signal that they no longer get inspirations to sing. For example *the azonto for Christ* they were singing gospel songs but with secular beats.
Another striking reason is that of occultism.Most Young secular artistes get themselves involved in occultism cause of popularity/fame and money. Thus selling their souls to devil. But gospel artists they don’t do that for it’s against God’s standard thus making them earn less. 
Lastly most secular artistes earn more because of the extent they go by featuring half naked women which earn them more money because people them to buy them more whereas gospel artists don’t indulge in such because it is typically against their faith nd believe thus again they don’t earn much..Most times programs That promote evil seem to be popular and sell buy the one’s that help promote righteousness seems not to.
Notwithstanding the secular artistes make wires in our society that is enough reason for reasonable nd sensible persons to indulge in them. 

Surely the gospel artistes gets more reward from God and their rewards will be in heaven so the best thing for anybody is to serve God for surely he will bless you in due time nd Season. 

  Article Written by  Vivian Manuel Odoh



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