SO MANY SONGS WITH NO MESSAGE – Oforah Precious Amarachi 

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So many songs with no message – Oforah Precious Amarachi 

Firstly, we should understand the term music: Music simply means organised | pleasant sounds in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody and harmony. Now if u could understand that automatically then u must be a mediating monk then if you couldn’t, then you should find a name for yourself. Music | songs ain’t suppose to be just all about Sounds, noises and instrumentals, it also needs to be educating and directing. A song should contain a strong and positive message in its lyrics. Music is fundamental to the functioning of the society. 

Since ancient times, whenever a new society is born, a new style of music appears. It is well known that music has great power over emotions and human psychology thus It can be used to manipulate people. Music is a powerful weapon that can be used not only on entertainment but also on political and cultural level. Music can also overcome  problem and difficulties raising the critical power of tension. Music indeed a language common to all people can easily convey emotions and feelings in universe level. 

In the present, Music therapy can be used to treat mental disorders like “Autism” or “Cerebral palsy”. I believe in the power of music and that’s the reason why music should have a strong and positive message to educate listeners and not just listening sake 

Let’s take the Nigerian music industry as a case study, Nigerian musicians should given more taught to their lyrics and delivery as we all know the Nigerian music industry has grown over the years as so many artistes has emerged in both gospel and secular fields. This growth has given these musicians an opportunity to develop their talent. However my request to artistes is to give a taught to what they write and sing about, they should make songs to pass a message for listening consumption as music is food for the mind and not making songs for just fame and the money attached to the music Industry.

If we can remember vividly, there was a time in Nigeria when music made by musicians of then has a message to pass to the general public / Listeners, There was a time when music and music videos were about how creative u were with the message in the music but it seem those days are long gone. Artistes that were in the picture then, the likes of Style plus the Olufunmi crooner, Resonance the Chinweike crooner and a whole lot of them knew what it was to make music that educates and cures depression but nowadays we have so little music artistes who has their mindset on that criteria in making music, since I don’t know if Terry G’s songs Inspires you, for me it doesn’t,  he makes lots of noise in his tracks at the end of the day pass no meaningful message. He’s not the only artiste who I have deemed guilty of this, there whole lot of other artistes who are guilty as well like Lil kesh etc.

Crossing over to music videos, music videos was a medum for artistes to showcase thier looks, dance steps to tell a story of their songs but these days, caution has been thrown into the wind and their music videos these days display gangterism, Sex and violence. Boobs, butt, bust cleavage, nude laps and other subtle erotic parts of the body are displayed in music videos these days with reckless abandon. Nigerian music videos has become A bad deal for the younger generation who tend to copy most things they see on TV and on the internet.

For example in 2015, Reminisce released a song titled “Skilashi” which is erotic just like he’s precious erotic video “Tesojue”, reminisce continued to push the limits as far as releasing shocking videos as combined, the Alaga Ibile crooner uttered the most of vulgar lyrics and obscene images in these videos. The visuals were filled with different scenes where the video viscens danced provocatively and occasionally revealing their bums. The video was directed by frizzle and bizzle films, there was no educating message the music/video gave the listeners.

If musicians should dedicate good lyrics, pass educating messages through their songs, sing responsibly and not sing for just money and fame, I strongly believe that music (particularly Nigerian music) will fix a lot of depression and never stop being a success in every generation.

Writen by Oforah Precious Amarachi 



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