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 The Nigerian Industry is mostly dominated by the male artistes and it isn’t easy for the females to stand out. knowing fully well that the Nigerian Industry and the music markets is purely competitive. For any artiste to be successful, there must be passion, dedication in what they are doing and sacrifices ought to be made for example; time n money.

   Artistes need someone to hold their dreams, to believe in them, support and encourage them. Most male artistes get this Love, faith and support from Friends, the society and loved ones in their lives but how many Female artistes gets the same treatment from close friends, the society and loved ones too?

  This brings us to the main question “Reasons why female artistes aren’t as successful as the male ones in Nigeria”.

    Female artistes hardly concentrate in the music hustle the way the Males do and they easily get bent with marital or family responsibilities. And knowing how competitive the Nigerian music market is, total dedication and seriousness ought to be involved. But most female artistes can barely gain enough freedom and comfort to progress fine.

    The Management too could be a reason. Atimes, people managing female artistes do get scared of investing in them; and what makes an artiste more successful is the availability of capitals to use in spreading their songs to be heard and for the artiste to be known.

    Most female artistes really don’t know what kind of songs(Genre) to do. They just compose songs, go to the studio and sing cause they have got “sweet voices” and forget to study their Fanbase to know the kind of songs that is needed from them(the Artiste) and how to blend their “sweet voices” to such Genres. Chidimma popularly known as “Chidinma kedike”, waje, Niyola to mention a few. These female artistes make good music which is appealing to d soul but they have got no niche in terms of music genre. Unlike Tiwa Savage(pop diva), Yemi alade(afro versatile) and Cynthia morgan(afro reggae dancehall) whose styles are well defined and have high communication level with their audience.

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    Also, Relationship distractions, sexual abuse; maybe from their directors, managers or producers, laziness in the aspect of hardwork; although its a general problem, Frequent dropping of varieties of songs and projects related to music. I wouldn’t say its repetition of songs but rather, dropping(releasing) of songs on a regular basis and not just releasing of songs once in a distant while.

    Furthermore, the society is not providing support and love. Most female artistes are being looked down on. They are usually the last being attended to and the first being laughed at. Beats aren’t gendered, we don’t listen to songs with our genitals. But i keep wondering why we’re still in darkness when it comes to gender equality in the music industry.

    The street also have an influence on it. Music isn’t all about Talent. It takes a female artiste who can win the heart of the streets to get successful in the Nigerian music industry. Because the streets got a higher percentage of chances in making an artiste popular, for example, the likes of splash,omawunmi amongst a few others.  

Female artistes should engage in more sing battle competitions like Project Fame, Nigerian Idol, e.t.c. And go for shows too. I think this would be a way in getting noticed by people from all over and promoting the artiste too. Simply encouragement from friends, families, supporters and Fans would boost and encourage the artiste to do more.

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   When the Female artistes are being promoted, shown love, booked for the same price as their male folks, recognized, honoured, endorsed and sponsored, i know it would go a long way in making them more successful as the male artistes and known too.

    And to all Female artistes out there, struggling and working real hard to be Successful and become useful to the society. Do not look down on yourself, don’t let people’s crtitics weigh you down and make u feel like you’re no good. And if Music is your call, be fearless, have faith in yourself, go forth, do it and be Successful!

Written by  Queen Alieze Agatha GeraldineFace of Saltcityvibes 2016



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