Vector writes a letter of warning to the Federal Government 

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Vector writes a letter of warning to the Federal Government 

Productive Nigerian rapper Vector is flaunting his disappointment with the occupant government. 

The “King Kong” crooner is as of now miserable about how the present government is “running things”. Consequently, Vector took his anger to the online networking. The rapper penned a long epistle cautioning the government about it’s most recent aims to climb the cost of information and utilization of the web.

Vector is of the supposition that an expansion in the cost of web information arrangements will hamper the expanding music industry, which is maybe the most gainful segment of the economy in present circumstances.

Perused his musings underneath:

Dear government,
You have progressed significantly with your arrangements and run the show. You have worried about only the present henceforth making it resemble the constitution must be remixed and renamed “Your WILL” before your downfall. You have disregarded the youngsters you saw develop and concentrated on the ones from your sperm cells and ovulation that you aren’t seeing develop in light of the fact that they have been transported off to “better grounds” for eductaion. You have put your spouses in different rooms BUT that of improtance overlooking (in the event that you wedded a decent lady) they adjust you when you get sidetracked. You have neglected to grasp the soul and letter of the Almighty you love be it any religion. You have fizzled the man you find in d reflect on the grounds that he isnt a brute or supernatural beign you don’t get it. No, He is the posterboy/young lady for insatiability. You have overlooked how you felt when you were coming up yet recall this… you won’t overlook how you fall. Your cash… my awful… our cash you take will disgrace you when you require it the most. The hustling are observing approaches to be better however you simply need to take from them without giving back. You concentrate on pursuing criminals yet never concentrate on securing the vault they take from. In the hsitory of our reality as an era, we have never gotten leveled stages to play as we have gotten with the web. The general population have turned out to be more presented to business thoughts, worldwide news, data sharing from mainland to landmass between seconds. Industry has become worldwide mindfulness due to this.
Music has begun to look better in light of the fact that with information you can set up your specialty be it music or painting or review or lyrics or drama or pets or life to make individuals glad in a consistent sinking universe of baffling clashing administration and hustle.
You fret about your percieved negatives over the goal positives. You are murdering the fate of Nigeria. You are slaughtering the eventual fate of Nigeria. Web is free in a great deal of “cutting edge” nations as well. Be cautious Nigeria… don’t demolish yourself.



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