Mr T Arrested at 043xclusive Award Night after Winning the Artiste of the year

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Mr T Arrested at 043xclusive Award Night after Winning the Artiste of the year

Nwali Toochukwu who goes by the stage name Mr.T, a prominent and relevant Music artiste emmerging from Ebonyi State was hijacked by the states Police in the middle of the just concluded 043xclusive Awards 2016 which held on 9th December 2016 at Brifina gardens Abakaliki.

The singer who was nominated on The Artiste of the year and the best singer of the year Categories was arrested after his performance at the event.
While our media were gathering information about his arrest, we were informed Mr T was reported and Arrested by an Ace producer in the state named Fmbassbeats, but why inbetween the event?, We got to know that the “hurt so bad” crooner who was arrested and the producer who reported and arrested him had a little misunderstanding about the singers Song which the producer refused to release to him, so on the day of the event, some random cultists blocked the producer at the entrance of the event centre, left slap marks on his face and disorganized him that he wasn’t clean enough to partake in the event after the intervention of his signed artistes which he came to the event with. After the mini beatings, The producer suspected who he had a recent issue with and decided to invade him in the event. Mr T was culfed and taken to the station to defend himself, he got there and you know the police, they gave him some beatings of his life, while Mr T was explaining himself out, telling them how he knew nothing about what happened, he was asked him to call his manager, he did, They spoke with him and they were charged with the order to release Mr T immediately that same night. When he returned to the event center, we had a talk with him and he said “It’s true i have got misunderstanding with Fmbassbeats, he refused releasing my song I recorded with him which I can’t tell why he has done so even when I paid him for his service, I don’t know if he’s jealous I made greatness, he told me to come get a refund of my money that he’s never gonna let me have the track, we have dialogued about this, that my manager called him too but along the line he stopped picking out calls. This still doesn’t warrant an ambush on him, I didn’t arrange for his beating” he said. What Mr T said and what we gathered from other people look so much alike but we are yet to hear from Fmbassbeats the producer, stay Tuned.



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