Young Thug Owes an Apology to Africa and Himself

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Young Thug Owes an Apology to Africa and Himself

Africa is often the butt of copious, ego boosting jokes made by other nations to parallel their wealth and better standing to our alleged destitute, crippled, helpless Motherland. Despite birthing human civilization, producing the richest man ever til date, King Mansa Musa of the Malian Empire, inspiring culture, food, dance, music, religion, and fashion globally, ascending America to superpower stature by supplying it with inhumane, free slave labor, being coerced into fugazi treaties that allowed European nations to reap land, oil, diamonds, minerals, human labor, etc., and most recently supplying China with arable land to feed their country, Africa is still unappreciated and viewed in a derogatory manner worldwide. It is propagandized as the epicenter of AIDS, poverty, crime, hut villages, and naked savages.

However, the viral capabilities and accessibility of the Internet have been allowing Africans and their allies to share an alternate, far more positive narrative. YouTube videos of African mansions and skyscrapers, Instagram pages dedicated to beautiful African women and men, accolades displaying scholars excelling in school, or stories of underprivileged youths creating electronics from junkyard scrap, have been effectively phasing out negative African connotations. Additionally, the Lupita Nyong’os, Chiwetel Ejiofors, Issa Raes, Idris Elbas, Peter Mensahs, Sade Adus, Wale Folarins, Victor Oladipos, David Oyelowos, David Adelekes, Seun Kutis, Iman Abdulmajids, Jidenna Mobissons, and Ayo Balaguns, have earned Africa attractive attention, thus paving a way for others to make their mark. Yet, we still have a long way to go.

On December 7, 2016, American rapper, Young Thug, missed his flight from Atlanta to Seattle for a scheduled performance. He placed blame on the Alaska Airlines and its employees, in which he referred to as “ants,” “bum ass hoes,” and “peasants.” He then taunted them with money before insulting them. The woman pictured in the video wore her hair in a neatly done bun yet her up do was ridiculed as “nappy as a motherfucker.” “They look like Africans; they got deported over” was also said to degrade the employees’ quality of hair and character. The Internet erupted in anger and disappointment at his remarks and actions. However, nobody made known their disdain for his distasteful comments negating the women’s hair, likening it to people of Africa. In Young Thug’s apology, he expressed his sorrows about the circumstance, but in no way mentioned Africa or its people that he may have offended. Here are several pertinent reason why Young Thug should consider apologizing to Africa.

Collabo with Davido:
On Davido’s conquest toward international superstardom, he has been collaborating with several Yankee A-listers. Young Thug is one of Davido’s newfound collaborators. The pair have three songs together. According to Davido’s social media posts, the two seemed to have developed a friendship from their working relationship. In wake of Young Thug’s recent airport rant, it is questionable how does he truly views Davido, a Nigerian from Africa.

From a Largely African Populated City:
Africans have a gift of being able to travel anywhere on the globe and making it a home. Like everywhere else in the world, Atlanta is no different. Atlanta has a huge African population, evidenced by its large number of restaurants, night clubs, and communities. Young Thug even attested to his kinship of Africans in his song, “Givenchy,” in which he raps, “And I got an African with weed over on Campbelton.” Campbelton Road is located in the Southwest region of Atlanta.

Africa as International Touring Market:
Africa is an extremely huge international touring market because much money can be made there. Artists such as Bono, 50 Cent, Amerie, J Holiday, Dom Kennedy, Rick Ross, and Beyoncé, have extended their tour stops to countries in Africa. As Africa becomes more developed and urbanized, it will continue to grow in popularity amongst international entertainers. A day may come when Young Thug seeks the African continent as a grounds to expand his tour. Hopefully for him, Africa is forgiving.

Has African Fans:
Young Thug has endured friction since his arrival in the industry. Critics have made Lil Wayne comparisons, labeled him a mumble rapper, and even questioned his sexuality. Despite this industry disapproval, Young Thug stayed afloat through the adoration and love of his fans. These fans are of different cultures, ethnicities, and races, including Africans. Even Davido reaching out for a collaboration is a testament that he too is a fan of Young Thug.

A Descendent of Africa:
Although Young Thug’s apology to Africa is overdue, one to himself is also well in order. Black people derive from Africa, which connects Young Thug to the Motherland. Insulting a Black person is to insult himself. Insulting the texture of a Black woman’s hair is to insult his mother, sisters, aunties, etc. Shortly after the airport incident, Young Thug issued an apology and professed his support for the Black Lives Matter movement. He mentioned how he has always been proactive in giving back to his community and Black related subject matter. However, Young Thug’s recent airport outbursts strip the validity from his supportive BLM stance.



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