Trinidad James – She Might Be A Lesbian Ft Lyric Wright

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Trinidad James – She Might Be A Lesbian

Rap aficionados know that being even remotely perceived as the reason a woman starts sleeping with other women can have an irredeemable effect on your manly status. The hyper masculine culture takes no prisoners. Few rappers wish to tackle the taboo of losing a woman to the “other side.”

Trinidad James though did just that. “She Might Be A Lesbian” broaches the theme of lesbianism. The Atlanta rapper with the silky smooth voice tells about the whys and hows a woman might choose to play for the other team. Meanwhile, Lyric Wright’s dagger-for-a-voice sings the hook “look what you did to me, now I don’t even play for your team no more.”

Listen to it below.

Quotable Lyrics

She ate your sister pussy
Shit we ain’t even know she was lesbian
Will she make it can she make it man
We will never know
Cause bitches keep tricks and niggas keep hos
And if all you want do is fuck then nigga say so
And if you wanna fuck a man damn baby say so

– Trinidad James

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