Reports Claim FACE OF AI 2017 Result Was Manipulated With Evidence

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Reports Claim FACE OF AI 2017 Result Was Manipulated With Evidence

FACE OF AI 2017 Result We received a lot of report saying FACE OF AI 2017 Results that was just concluded weeks back Was Manipulated and lack credibility, each report we got was backed with evidence which we can’t really attest to. The reporters claim the evidence thay have was from the event venue, maybe things didn’t go too well and it had to leak out. Read Below a detailed report and evidence:

Hi good morning/good day my people
I want to delibrate on the issue of #faceofai2017 everyone who’s been following this event back to back will No that (Linda contestant No5) she won all round but Facebook likes which as of that yesterday she had the Highest like with 313 also the second rouner up got about 290,at the Main event yesterday at WDC Ezza road LINDA also answered the highest number of questions with the Best Hair style,creative atire and the best dressed among the other Contestants,during the time of Box voting it was so obvious that she also had the biggest Cash in the box, finally during the time of calling the Winners,2 people was disqualified among the 6 contestants which had the remaining of Contestants 1,4,5 and 6 the contestants 1 and 4 got there price and we were left wit 5 and 6 at the Final results number 6 was declared the Winner.which is why I want to know How contestants no 5 never got anything
I was also learnt Comrd Obini Martins(DOS SUG) I had sent them a result earlier ranking Contestants no5 LINDA as the 2rd runner up but when we confronted him he said it was the Online Vote, I was still confused because LINDA won the Highest like during online Voting so how come she was Ranked 2rd on the Paper we saw. Please people we has to understand this #FaceofAI2017 was not real the result was Rigged!



Updated: September 17, 2017 — 10:36 pm

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