“You’ll Prove To The Police Who Face Of Ebonyi Has Slept With” – Kelly Blaze

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"You'll Prove To The Police Who Face Of Ebonyi Has Slept With" – Kelly BlazeWe earlier reported the Lil E-fight between two top entertainers and pageant owners in Ebonyi State, Kelly Blaze and Mc Jasper Iyke, right now it has gone into their both management as their pageant Kings and queens fight and throw words at each other On facebook in cause of defending and protecting their manager and his legacies but mehn, they are really going too far! Sombori should Coman carry these Boys and girls away from facebook before Mark Zuckerberg will deploy his own soldiers to the east.

The brouhaha is been flamed by MC Jasper’s comment on a post here, calling Kelly Blaze “A PIMP” which I think is just a quarrel and anger word to get back at Blaze but Kelly Blaze’s girls picked offence saying they were being referred to as prostitutes and this made the incumbent FACE OF EBONYI under the management of Kelly Blaze, Miss Chikaodinaka Arachie to drop this bomb ?  comment below.

Chikaodinaka Arachie

Just after she made this comment, Mr Emmanie Ebuka, the incumbent MR. EBONYI TEEN under the management of MC Jasper Iyke comes back at her with another Bomb ? in a Boko Haram style saying she’s an upgraded prostitute..CHOi?, read below.

Emmanie Ebuka comment

Mr. Emmanie Ebuka sounded like he has evidence and sounded like he really knows what the incumbent Face Of Ebonyi is about with her manager, then he was addressed by the manager, Kelly Blaze… Ghen Ghen!!! ???


Then Barrister Kuti Ellem, a prolific lawyer ?, entertainer and graphic designer in the state tried addressing the warriors, read below.

Kuti Ellem comment

Just after he dropped this wisdom comment, Some people I can’t tell where they appeared from, started showing themselves anyhow ???? with comments below ?.

Noise Noise Noise everywhere but the comment below, drew ✏ my attention.

What’s really underground????

Well, it was fun banking with these people, I was so bored and angry yesterday for not seeing the boxers I washed and hung outside ? ?, but thanks to them, they gave me a reason to smile again ☺, my boxers is long forgotten ?.

But then, these people, Men, boys and girls weather Mature or immature needs to settle whatever is going on amicably without anybody getting hurt, if anybody gets hurt in the process, we have screenshots of people who made threat comments both the ones deleted and the ones still live and trust me, you might bear another man’s action, fight with your Keypads ?  not with knives ?.



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