Top 10 Hottest Artistes In Ebonyi State

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Top 10 Hottest Artistes In Ebonyi State

Top 10 Hottest Artistes In Ebonyi StateWe have a huge number of well doing talented artistes in Ebonyi State, naming and numbering them might take more time than we all expecting, since the history of Ebonyi state’s entertainment scene to this point it has grown to be one of the best in South east Nigeria,  Ebonyi has recorded quite number of hit songs from her artistes aside the ones who has hit the limelight already like,  Patoranking,  Splash, Humblesmith, Sinach,  Krizbeatz,  Tekno, Expensive and others.

Currently there quite a good number of artistes holding down the state’s music and entertainment scene with their good quality songs, performance style and ability, repping and doing well in and outside the state and are being recognized by virtually all the indigenes of the state. These artistes might be termed the pillars of Ebonyi State’s Music Industry for this period you are reading this.

Saltcityvibes as the number one entertainment hub projecting these artistes to their people and beyond has decided make a show glass of these artistes in respect to their weight, engagements and relevancy in the industry and has limited her list to just 10 artistes.

Meanwhile, having just the top 10 on the list today doesn’t in anyway imply there are no other artiste who has got so much talent, composure, weight and relevancy in the state but for the fact all fingers will never be equal has hit some good Artistes off the list.

Below is Saltcityvibes Top 10 Hottest Artistes In Ebonyi State In Descending Order.


Top 10 Hottest Artistes In Ebonyi StateCurrently there’s no female artiste in Ebonyi who has been able to mute Lizzy’s glow in the industry,  she’s one artiste who even in her dull engagement and blur visibility in the entertainment has been able to gather a lot of fans to herself with the few moves she has done so far, she’s an ever wanted artiste in every show,  she steals and kills every show with her amazing voice and vocal ability,  her performances are super catchy,  people are heavily moved once she’s on stage.

Top 10 Hottest Artistes In Ebonyi StateAside being the winner of Ebonyi got talent 2015, The rate LIZZY is sort and Her songs being downloaded and played has created a space for her on this list. Lizzy’s latest song is “Wayo” and she has promised to release a song “Teacher” which is under the touch of Ebonyi State’s prolific producer FmBass soonest.


Top 10 Hottest Artistes In Ebonyi StateGarnish Lichiano A.k.a Mr Learner is one artiste you will never mention the top artistes in Ebonyi State without mentioning him,  I think he deserves to be on this list and similar anytime anyday, having released a hit track like LEARNER,  and some regular mid-range songs 42 punchlines,  BMW and Lapufa has really drawn a lot of attention on him.

The track “Learner” alone went so Viral,  became a house hold song,  was on every man, woman And Child’s lips thereby placing him close to other big guys who went up there from here. But since then, Garnish hasn’t lived up to the expectation his fans has on him, the fans has expected something which as big as the track “Learner” even when he released “Jones Abifeaturing Hype Mc and this has really made so many of them loosen their solidarity with Garnish Lichiano.

Top 10 Hottest Artistes In Ebonyi StateGarnish latest song is “Halleluyah” and we have no idea what’s coming next but we expect something dope from him soon.


Top 10 Hottest Artistes In Ebonyi StateI Don’t think anyone would argue Gprinx a.k.a My Father is suppose to be on this list,  G prinx is one artiste who’s presence is heavily felt in any show he attends, once his stage,  be ready for some heavy rap flow especially on his hit track “My Father“. G Prinx has gathered a lot of fans to himself with his energy on stage coupled with the kind of songs he lease out to the streets, his latest song happens to be “Mme Mme” featuring Kingzyl and we haven’t perceived any sign of him dropping another.


Top 10 Hottest Artistes In Ebonyi StateAleks Money Entertainment artiste Don Gz who’s popular known with his hit song “All Night” made this list not because he’s way bigger than the rest who came latter but because he has hit the industry with a package generally accepted by a huge number of people. The track “All Night” changed his story, elevated him to a stage he is today. Don Gz is another artiste who’s performance is awaited by so many in a show,  his name and personality is recognized even when people are saying “All Night” is the saviour but then they should do it if they think they are better.

6. Mr T

Top 10 Hottest Artistes In Ebonyi State Mr T is a well recognized name, having released  so many hit tracks like “Hurt So Bad” “Based On Logistics” “Hustle” “Num Penny M” etc has really placed him in the picture.

Aside bagging the 043xclusive artiste of the year for 2016, Mr T isn’t only a singer,  he’s a very good instrumentalist who performs and thrill the crowd live on instruments. At the mention of Mr T, everybody around should be able to tell who and what he has done,  that’s sure enough reason he appeared on this list.


Top 10 Hottest Artistes In Ebonyi StateI call him the most wanted Ebonyi indigenous rap star! Wiffer is another artiste who is so much recognized because of his heavyweight rap flows and performances. Though Wiffer isn’t that kind of an engagement artiste but his works which has surfaced has covered all what he hasn’t done,  good market they say,  sells itself!. Wiffer’s latest song online is “Somtochukwu“, old but gold.


Top 10 Hottest Artistes In Ebonyi StateDiclip Aka Mr Pompous is another top notch act, you might not know him but it’s a sure thing you know and might have sang along his song. Diclip has hits back to back,  from Odoyewu to Pompous, Bolombolo,  Ara and still dropping.


Top 10 Hottest Artistes In Ebonyi StateKaaassssiiiiiddddieeeee!!  Another top notch act, Mr I like that!

Kassidy is a very talented artiste who has dropped a couple of songs but since he released the track “Bless Me” with Wiffer,  his life changed to greatness. Bless me by Kassidy trended Nationwide from the time it was released till now. Kassidy’s latest track is “E Dey Heppen” featuring Lizzy and we expecting mods from him.


Top 10 Hottest Artistes In Ebonyi StateMR FLEXTO is another rap star who’s presence is felt in any show he attends, he’s currently the fastest rapper in Ebonyi State who has so many conceptual ways of thrilling the audience while on stage. Mr Flexto is the only artiste who’s Slogan “Era Gban” is everywhere, we call him the Trend man and he won an Award on that. He hasn’t released much songs out but he has promised an album which he has dropped 3 tracks from the project already numbering from “Showdown“, “Baby La Hot” and “Poorchase“, he got featured on Razi’s latest song “For Dis” where he dropped a heavyweight verse that actually sold the song out.

Mr Flexto Won NAPSS “Best Artiste of the year 2017” and also 043xclusive Awards “Best Slogan Of The Year”.

Due to his engagements in the industry,  the Beatskill Nation’s Artiste Mr Flexto has a huge number of fans who loves his works and reps him anytime,  anyday.


Top 10 Hottest Artistes In Ebonyi StateAside baggin two awards last year,  artiste of the year and best rap artiste of the year,  Caften has really made so much impact in Ebonyi State’s entertainment industry,  he has released some hit tracks from the time of Anwuru, Ndi Ogbe till this Era of Ekelebe, Akpo and Thief and has shot a video for one of his songs. It’s  very rare to see a youth who doesn’t know Caften or what he’s about thereby making him a big name you can’t skip while putting up a list like this,  as of now,  he’s the hottest.



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